Tips to Maintain & Fix Cosplay Props Made of Different Materials

For the prop owners, each prop is complete of spending lots of their time; or spend a lot of money to get the dreaming cosplay items. No one wants those precious props to heap up in the corner and was covered with dust. Or know nothing how to fix when being knock-off by accident. So, I think it is necessary to explain the basic maintenance method of some normal material props.



Eva Material itself is a bit soft, very good toughness. So it will not break easily. Even if the inside Keel is broken, its main body will not be short into two sections. However, due to its excellent toughness, its surface is also prone to creases.

EVA prop

  • Avoid a collision when using, especially weapons hit each other. Otherwise, a gap at the cut cannot be repaired with poly-putty.
  • It is strictly forbidden to place the sharp part of the weapon, such as the point of the sword, on the ground when placing props. Any material, including metal, is prohibited.
  • If you bought props online, be better not to throw the package box away after unpacked. The packing box is the best packing box for the props. Put the props back into the packing box every time after use. If the box is too dirty or broken, find a foam sponge and cover it with a cloth to keep the dust-out. Not to put it in a damp corner to prevent mildew, discoloration or paint loss.

PVC Prop

  • Maintenance methods for PVC props are basically the same with EVA props.
  • An accidental cut can be patched with poly-putty. If scratches appear, you can use the hair dryer drying to make the scratches gone. If the Keel of the rebar is broken, then this prop is doomed.


  • Wood is often used in cosplay weapons for its tenacity and strength. Even so, you can't do anything you like to wooden props. The maintenance method is the same as EVA material. Be sure to keep it dry. The wood itself is easily getting moldy, heat expansion or cold shrinkage and cracking peeling may occur. Don't put it in a damp corner, or you will be surprised that there is a mushroom on it when take out again after a while.
  • What if the main body breaks? Try to find the fragments and leave the fracture as it is. If it's just a normal fracture, drop three-second adhesive into the fracture surface and quickly glue it together, then reinforce it with a ring of alteco super glue.

 Three-second adhesivealteco super glue

  • If the load-bearing parts are broken, such as the connection between the hilt and the blade, 1-3 deep holes need to be made in the center of the fracture. Then nail in some rebar or steel nail. Drop some three-second adhesive to glue the fracture. Stick it back together, then put a ring of nails (nails for canvas ) around the edges to hold the broken surfaces. Hammer in the nails and repair them with poly-putty. This will make it even stronger than before.

Fiber Glass Prop

  • Resin and fiberglass are pretty much the same things. Only with extra talcum powder and fiberglass for fiberglass. The resin is a little more elastic. This material props although very hard, but more fragile, less elastic. If not bury keels in the middle, they will be easy to break.
  • The maintenance method is the same as the previous method as well as how to fix. It can also stick glass fiber reinforced resin inside of the prop to reinforce.

Tips for how to mail=mtain cosplay armors will launch next week. Stay tuned!

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