Payment Plan FAQS

CGarmors is happy to offer payment plan service to help you get your favor items ASAP with tomorrow’s money.

What is payment plan?

It allows you to decide how much money you like to pay each month or how many times you like to split the whole payment into. But there is a 50% deposit request for the first payment batch. You can even pay more this month and skip some month; or pay the deposit firstly and clear before shipping. It’s flexible to manage and not worry you might not able to pay at a certain month.


How to pay with payment plan?

Pay all at once is only available at checkout this moment. If you like to go with the payment plan, please use this link: to pay 50% deposit and make a note of which item you like to order as well as your plan to pay the rest. Our customer service will contact you to confirm details.

 Do I have to pay anything up front?

There is a 50% of the total payment request. No set-up fee per transaction request. You only pay the product cost.

What if I cancel my order before an item ships?

Please note that 50% deposit will not refund if you cancel the order. And the rest payment will be full refund even you cancel the order.

What if I miss a payment?

Well, you don’t need to worry about this. Since CGarmors allow you to skip some month, but clear payment before shipping.

Do you charge interest on Payment Plan purchases?

CGarmors do not charge interest, your credit card may do so if you carry a balance month-to-month.

When does my order actually ship?

Please note that your purchase will not ship until payment is made in full.

Are there any limitations I should know about?

All items at are supporting with payment plan and there is no limitations.