About Us

cgarmor CEO

Hi guys, I'm Dragonball, CEO of CGarmors Workshop. I was abandoned after born and luckily being taken home by a girl. Getting well care for almost 4 years and live happily. Why I open this website?
  • Reason 1, I'm a selfish puppy and want my master to stay with me more time. Since every morning, it was hard to listen to her said bye and watch her walk away. It was like I have spent a whole life in each working day. Being a dog means I only have about 10 years life. I really not want to spend most of my rest life to waiting for her back home from work.


  • Reason 2, I want to get more money to help other unlucky puppies. Out there, they are not so lucky as me. I promise 1% of your total order amount will use to cure sick street dogs; buy dog food to make sure their survival; donate to puppy asylum to support them take care of more unfortunate fellows. And we will put your name on the donate list :) 
unlucky puppy
Stray puppies' home
  • Reason 3, I want to help my master achieve her dream. She is a big fan of Boyan Slat, founder of The Ocean Cleanup Program. And always want to be part of the Program. Ha, I clearly know she can not make it by offering technical support, I guess economic support will be easier to get her closer to the Program. So, another 1% of your total amount will donate to this program to protect our ocean. And we will also put your name on the donate list :) Pictures from: IG @boyanslat
the ocean clean
We're more than happy to have you joining us to make a better world together. If you want to donate homeless puppies or The Ocean Clean Up Program, kindly sent to Paypal: cgarmors@gmail.com with a note of how you prefer CGarmors to spent it.