Quick & Useful Tips to Maintain Cosplay Armors

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Quick & Useful Tips to Maintain Cosplay Armors

1. Maintenance of EVA Material Armors

 Eva Armor is maintained the same way as weapons, except that no matter how careful COSER is, there will inevitably be creases, especially at the joints and joints. When not wearing, try to put it in the box, and do not stack it in the packing box. As you cheerfully unwrap your new armor, try to remember how the prop master inserts and positions the armor as he packs it, because the prop master optimizes the placement of the inserts to facilitate long-distance transportation.


2. Maintenance of PVC Armors


A. This is the Chevrolet Plate, a type of armor that is rarely seen on the market.

B. The maintenance method is similar to Eva Armor, no matter PVC oneself sturdiness is stronger so put need not be too fastidious, but must pay attention to scratch and impact. Because the material is more brittle, the impact of the strong force will certainly break. You can fix it with 502 and Putty, and you can fix a mild scratch with a hairdryer.


3. Maintenance of hard plate armor

A. The rigid armor of the Polymer Board class is very strong and will not be damaged even if stacked at random, but even then it should be treated well because it will scratch the paint. In order not to complement the color frequently, or need to be handled gently.

B. If it is damaged, the bond that Anter secured to the fracture surface is not enough, it can be heated by the remaining material of the plate and bonded to the interior and reinforced with Anter.


4. Maintenance of Resin Fiberglass Armor

A. Very few people customize this material because of the high cost of materials and man-hours. Although the fiberglass and resin materials are extremely hard, they break when subjected to excessive pressure and pounding.

B. The maintenance of this armor is to be handled with care, avoiding heavy blows and slams.

C. If you want to repair it, you have to stick it back together, then brush the inside of the armor with resin, then paste the fiberglass, and cover it with putty.

Do the above tips help to keep the cosplay armor? Kindly leave a comment about your ideas to the cosplay armor maintenance tips. I'm totally happy to get more ideas from you guys.

Besides, what do you like to know about how to make cosplay props or anything related to cosplay props?

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