Final Fantasy Thirteen Kings of Lucis Introduction & Character VS Cosplay

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Final Fantasy Thirteen Kings of Lucis Introduction & Character VS Cosplay

Except for the games made by Square Enix, Final Fantasy also have a movie called Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV as a prologue of the game. The movie is about the defending of Insomnia from Niflheim under the rule of King Regis who built a special team to use his magic to defense Niflheim. Several Kings of Lucis appear at the movie to protect the Kindom. In this article, I will give a brief introduction of each King as well as share cosplay pictures of them by CGarmors workshop staff as well as their friends. Some armors already listing at website, if you are interesting, please click HERE to have a check. For the one you like, but we still not listing yet, please feel free to contact me for more details via email:

  1. The Mystic

 CGarmors the Mist cosplay armor

“Hear me, Chosen King—The time has come to fulfill your calling and dispel the darkness from our world. Go forth. Restore the Light...and free my brother from his curse.”

—The Mystic

The Founder King or known as The Mystic among the Lucii is the first king of Lucis named Somnus Lucis. He fought the Starscourge 2000 years ago, and founded the nation of Lucis. He is the most prominent king in Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV. One of the guardians of the Old Wall, consumed by the Starscourge and forced to submit to Ardyn's will.

He wields a long sword called the Blade of the Mystic that can slam on the ground in front of him, cracking the floor. He can eject energy from his sword to hit ranged targets.

    2.The Wise

 The Wise Cosplay from CGarmors

Believed to be the first king who raised the Wall of the Lucian Kingdom, he is known to have wielded a simple sword. His statue and spirit in the Ring of the Lucii are thinly armored with multiple wings.

The Royal and Windows Editions have monuments dedicated to a some of the rulers of yore, which are signed by "Optimus Lucis Caelum," the 108th Lucian king. Noctis being the 114th king by the typical lengths of a generation would suggest that this king may have been the Wise

      3. The Fierce

The Fierce Cosplay from CGarmors

“Come forth, O Chosen...”

—The Fierce

A king famous for his personality; to his people, a kind, loving, and just king; to his enemies, a veritable demon of merciless brutality. He is known to have wielded a great mace. As a statue and Lucii spirit, Tonitrus had bulky, segmented armor, and a tattered cape on his left shoulder. His most prominent feature is the disc on his head.

In Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV, the Fierce wreaks perhaps the most damage, destroying buildings and imperial airships as he goes. Even after losing his arms the statue still continues but is the only statue who is defeated.

The Fierce enjoyed the reverence of his people, who admired his kind and compassionate demeanor. That warmth in his heart burned like fire on the battlefield, though, as he deftly felled foes who trembled in fear before him.

He jumps to smash down with his mace. He can warp to the ceiling and then plunge down, knocking back everyone on the impact zone (can be blocked).

   4. The Rogue

 The Rogue Cosplay from CGarmors

Welcome... O Chosen...

—The Rogue

Having lost her father and older brother to the daemons, the Rogue was left with no family and no choice but to ascend the throne and rule in their stead. Thus, known to be the first queen of Lucis with the name of Crepera Lucis Caelum. At the time, however, the thought of a woman ruling the kingdom was preposterous to some. She disliked the watch of the public eye and took to the shadows to enact her rule. She is known to have wielded a shuriken. Her statue and Lucii form has a thin suit of armor, a narrow waist cape, heels on her armored shoes, a horned crown covering her eyes, and a extensions on her shoulders adorned with four long ribbons.

 5. The Conqueror

The Conqueror Cosplay from CGarmors

 A king said to have lived in times of chaos, who rose as a champion that united the Lucian continent and fought for his peoples, allowing them to usher in a great age of prosperity. He is known to have wielded a halberd. The Conqueror's statue and Lucii form has thin armor, with a waist cape, and long, thin capes hanging from his elbows, with his helmet having a long, hair-like tassel on the top.

 6.The Clever

The Clever Cosplay from CGarmors

A king said to be well versed in the arts, be it the physical, the intellectual, martial, or that of skill. He is known to have wielded a crossbow. His statue and Lucii form has thin armor with several lengths of a segmented cape draped over his back, and antler-like extensions on his helmet.

  7. The Wanderer

The Wonder Cosplay from CGarmors

A king who found no boundary to the land and wandered the world, going where no man had gone before. He is known to have wielded twin swords that could combine into an enormous besieging weapon. The Wanderer's statue and Lucii form depict him with bulky, segmented suit of armor, a monocle-like object on his left eye, and, curiously, four arms with circular joints, suggesting the statue can rotate his arms at these points.

  8.The Oracle

The Oracle Cosplay from CGarmors

Though the Oracles are known as the royalty of Tenebrae, one of the royal arms is the Trident of the Oracle, and one of the twelve statues of the Old Wall in Insomnia is the Oracle King who wields a giant version of the trident in the battle against the Diamond Weapons. As told in the monoliths in Steyliff Grove Menace, this king likely watched the Oracle of his time perish before his eyes, and thus took up her trident. Due to her not having a successor yet, the Oracle King held a temporary status as both a king of Lucis and Oracle of Eos. In Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV Nyx and Glauca end up fighting on the Oracle's shoulder, but the statue tosses the trident and warps away and Nyx and Glauca fall. The horn at the front of his helmet resembles a bird. The statue has a broad chest, long cape and heavier body compared to the others.

  9. The Tall

The Tall cosplay armor from CGarmors

He is a king known by his girth and strength, alluded to like that of a mountain. The Tall is known to have wielded a chainsaw-like greatsword. His statue and Lucii form have broad, bulky armor, with a broad chest, and a comparatively narrow, but long cape.

  10. The Just

The Just cosplay armor from CGarmors

A queen who devoted all efforts to uphold peace and was beloved in turn by her peoples for her serenity. She is known to have wielded a tall shield. Her statue and Lucii form has incredibly large and heavy armoring, with large shoulders that have a three round holes, and thick, forward-facing horns on her helmet.

  11.The Pious

The Pious cosplay armor from CGarmors


A king known for his eponymous piety, leading Lucis with a rule guided by divine principles and worked closely with the Oracle of his era. He is known to have wielded a scepter that smote with a blade of light. His statue and Lucii form has light armor, with a thick cape draped over his shoulders, and a bishop-chess-piece-like helmet with a tall crown similar to that of a pope.

  12. The Warrior

The Warrior cosplay armor from CGarmors

A king whose life was forever changed when his beloved queen was killed by assailants. He is believed to have wandered the world and waged an era of global war fueled by a vendetta of bereavement and is speculated to be the king whose worship inspired the Safety Bit accessory. The Warrior is known to have wielded a katana, a weapon not of the lands of Lucis, and is the only king laid to rest outside of his home nation. His statue and Lucii form depicts him with somewhat thick armor, a tattered cape, and a large volumed feathered tassel on the top of his spiky helmet.

  13.The Father

The Father cosplay armor from CGarmors

Regis Lucis Caelum, the 113th king of the dynasty. He is known for the love for his family, and for wielding a saber-like sword. Regis made a trip across the lands of Lucis before his coronation and is the son of King Mors Lucis Caelum, who consolidated the power of the magic barrier over Insomnia. King Regis's Lucii adds a light suit of armor, and a sleek helmet that retains the horn-like extension that his crown had.


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